Eight Novel Vibrio Genomes Announced

In addition to the nine Vibrio sp. genomes deposited late last November, a new genome announcement with eight additional Vibrio isolates has come out today. Working alongside the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention again, these newly described Vibrio strains have come from a variety of blood, stool or wound infections, in addition to a previously described environmental strain. All genomes within the article “Draft Genome Sequences of Eight Vibrio sp. Clinical Isolates from across the United States That Form a Basal Sister Clade to Vibrio cholerae” cluster within a single clade, and molecular analyses for species delineation place these isolates at or below the species cutoff values when compared to representative V. cholerae strains. This suggests these strains may form a basal V. cholerae lineage, or a new species related to V. cholerae.