Genome Sequences of Bacteria in Close Association with Emiliania huxleyi

Yan and Fabini, in collaboration with the lab of Dr. Rebecca Case (also from the Department of Biological Sciences), released two Genome Announcements today on the genome sequences of bacterial strains isolated from the polymicrobial cultures of coccolith-bearing and naked (no coccolith) microalga Emiliania huxleyi. The Case Lab isolated multiple bacteria from these cultures, including strains of Balneola sp., Erythrobacter sp., Jannaschia sp., Marinobacter sp., Roseovarius sp., and Sulfitobacter spp. among others, which form a symbiotic relationship with E. huxleyi. The Boucher Lab sequenced the genomes of these isolates. This is part of an ongoing work with both labs. We are currently working on resolving the taxonomic inconsistencies within the Rhodobacteraceae family, specifically within the Rosobeacter clade, by comparative genomic analysis.