Genetic Interactions Between Vibrio metoecus and Vibrio cholerae

Members of the Boucher Lab recently published a paper, "The dynamics of genetic interactions between Vibrio metoecus and Vibrio cholerae, two close relatives co-occurring in the environment," in Genome Biology and Evolution. The known closest relative of V. cholerae is V. metoecus. The paper discusses the extent of gene exchange by horizontal gene transfer between the two species, suggesting that there is a strong bias in the direction of gene transfer from the former to the latter.

Yan, Fabini, and Paul are joined by Dr. Cheryl Tarr (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention), Raphaël Méheust (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), and Jed Barlow (Department of Computing Science) as co-authors. Jed is a former undergraduate student of the lab.

Whole genome BLAST atlas of various V. cholerae (Vc) and V. metoecus (Vm) strains (from Orata et al., 2015)