2014 CIFAR-IMB General Meeting – Liblice, Czech Republic

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research – Integrated Microbial Biodiversity (CIFAR-IMB) Program held its annual conference for members (and their students) at the beautiful Liblice Castle, Czech Republic on June 25-29, 2015. This time, it was Fabini's turn to attend, and he presented a poster of his work entitled "Vibrio metoecus, a novel emerging pathogen closely related to Vibrio cholerae." The group also went on an afternoon trip to Prague on June 27th to attend a private one-hour organ and violin concert at the St. Salvator Church by Charles Bridge.

This was Fabini's first trip to Europe, and he visited various cities after the conference (Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Bremen, and Amsterdam).

Fabini presenting his poster at the CIFAR conference