New Vibrio cholerae Core-Genome Multi-Locus Sequence Typing (cgMLST) Website Online

            A novel core-genome Multi-Locus Sequence Typing (cgMLST) scheme for V. cholerae is now publicly available on New genomes can now be submitted and analyzed on PubMLST within minutes. Tools such as GrapeTree (Zhou et al 2018), iTOL (Letunic et al 2006), and PHYLOViZ (Francisco et al 2012) are all integrated within the website to allow for quick follow-up analyses. This cgMLST scheme, containing 2443 core genes, has been used to analyze over 1000 V. cholerae genomes from both private collections and publicly available databases. This dataset includes representative isolates from known outbreaks and endemic countries. Along with epidemiological data, it is possible to use this cgMLST scheme to monitor V. cholerae diversity at both the local and global level. 1-1 mapping with a previously established V. cholerae MLST scheme from our lab (Kirchberger et al 2016) has been carried out to allow for backwards compatibility with prior studies. The full manuscript is in preparation which will detail the application of this cgMLST scheme to study cholera outbreaks and its diversity.